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March 8, 2019

Sizzlerz Closet: A Way Of Maintaining Sustainability Within The Fashion Industry

What can you do with your old clothes? Any idea? No, then you should try reselling those items. Where? Well, there’s a fantastic place to start; Sizzlerz Closet.


Do you purchase fashion garments whenever they come fresh in the market? What do you do with your old garments? Do you discard them in the trash, or do you gift those items to someone else? Most people discard them in the trash, even if they fall under the wearable category. However, there is a group of people who are spending their everyday lives without proper clothing. Or, some people cannot afford designer clothes due to their excessive pricing. After figuring out those situations, you don’t think wasting perfectly good clothing is a practical idea, do you?


So, what can you make of these old items that are collecting dust in your closet? Well, you can give them to someone else, no not for just charity. You can actually earn some hard-earned money by doing so.This wonderful opportunity is presented to you by Sizzlerz Closet, an online marketplace where you can sell, or buy garments (both new or old). Also, you can publicize it on social media through the different buttons available on the platform.

What Is Sizzlerz Closet?

Launching soon Sizzlerz Closet is an online, social circle of fashionable people, who can resell and purchase their favorite clothing items. Not only garments, but they also deal with fashion accessories, shoes, and other items.


Aside from the fact that it will be currently operational in the USA, nothing. But don’t worry, it will soon be available all over the world. You can soon try out the web version, or download the relevant mobile application from the app stores.


How Will It Work?


If you are a seller, you need to do the following steps:

Register for an account and get verified. Add your payment details and tax-related information before proceeding any further
Now, it’s time to click some pictures, Snap! Snap! Try to capture the item from all angles for better viewing. The color must be displayed perfectly.
Now, upload those images, and a detailed product description (color, quality, quantity (if applicable), washing instructions, terms, and conditions, etc.).
Mention the actual price, and what you are expecting.
List the product for relevant categories
Share the listing and talk about it on social media
Now, you are all set to sell the product. Talk to buyers, and agree on a price, and if satisfied, accept an order. You will have to provide a commission to the platform, and the amount will vary according to the product’s price.

Sizzlerz Closet Ensures That Sellers Have Complete Authority Over The Selling Process. The Amount Will Be Submitted Directly To The Seller’s Account, After Making The Deduction. For Enhanced Marketing, The Platform Will Provide Push Notifications To Purchasers.


This platform offers an unprecedented advantage to buyers. They can search for relevant products, and get regular updates on price changes. These people can also directly interact with sellers, and negotiate, if necessary. SZR Closet is not responsible for checking if the product matches its description.

However, if it receives a complaint, it will take the necessary steps to ensure a thorough checking. If the complaint is proven true, then the buyer will receive a refund for the product.

Outstanding Network

Sizzlerz Closet Offers A Stunning Network For Both Sellers And Buyers. Buyers Can Follow Sellers With A Stunning Reputation And See Their Collections. They Can Also Publicize What They Have Bought, And Share Those Images On Social Media. It Creates An Outstanding Network For Both Sellers, And Buyers, And Assists Them With Their Tasks.

If You Are Planning To Use This Platform, You Need To Do It Right. You Can Earn Money By Selling These Items To People Who Want Them. It Offers A Seamless Process Of Shipping To Ship Products To Different Locations. The Platform Offers A Secure Payment Option To Sellers, Authentication, And Advanced Shipping Options.

Every Platform Does Have Some Drawbacks, And There Are Areas For Improvement.


It’s never a good idea to dump old clothes in a garbage bin, especially if they were pretty usable. Why not sell those items to those who desperately want them? They will thank you and pay you for that. Let’s make the concept of sustainability real and practical for all parties involved, people, the environment, and the industry itself. If you are planning to resell those products on social media, you must try out this option.


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