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November 27, 2018

We Can’t Get Enough of These Global Fashion Trends

Knowing how to incorporate new fashions and styles from other countries into your everyday look-book can be hard work – especially when popular style-inspo sites like Pinterest boast over 602 million boards on fashion alone. Fortunately, Pinterest makes it easy to discover the top international fashion trends that influencers and style gurus are wearing thanks to its yearly Global Fashion Report.

In the report from 2018, Pinterest revealed the world’s most popular wardrobe pieces based on the most-searched-for fashion items in specific countries. Now, fashionistas everywhere can include the highest-rated international trends in their closets while finding inexpensive ways to replicate them in your own wardrobe.


The Most Popular Trends: U.S., Japan, Spain

In 2018, the United States showed an increased interest in two particular fashion trends: smock dresses (up 102% in popularity) and block heels (up 333%). When worn together, these trends keep things looking relaxed and easy-breezy while working well for nearly every body type and height. In Japan – a country now seen as one that’s home to some of the world’s most innovative fashions – the two trends that were most-searched-for include wide-legged pants (up 60%) and flat sandals (up 645%), which are both incredibly stylish and comfortable. In Spain, the warm weather led to trends in ethereal, flowing trends: maxi dresses (up 377%) and white pants (up 392%).


Tips to Recreate the Trends

Knowing that these and other global trends will likely last throughout this year, fashionistas looking to stay up-to-date can recreate these styles in thrifty ways before next year’s trends crop up. When hoping to keep your credit card bill low, you can find a trend that you like and do a quick Google search to see if any local stores or online boutiques have renditions of the item on sale. If you are recreating a specific outfit that includes the global trend as one of the pieces, you can easily put your own spin on it by gathering pieces from online thrift stores or resale shops. The key to staying under-budget while recreating a global trend that’s caught your eye is to hunt around for various options before making your purchase – or repurposing items you already own in your wardrobe.

Now that we have access to the world’s most popular fashion trends, it’s easy to incorporate international styles into your everyday look-book to stay on-trend with style-gurus around the globe.

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